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A diamond is a solid form of carbon with its atoms arranged in a specific crystal structure.  Gem-quality diamonds are used for jewelry; other diamonds are used for industrial tools.  This Diamonds retail directory includes diamond retailer web pages for every State in the USA plus Washington, DC.  Each State and District page lists diamond retailers located in that State or District, including their organization or domain names as well as their locations, phone numbers, and website links. 
sixteen diamonds, showing various diamond cuts
Before visiting a diamond retailer listed herein, be sure to verify its address, hours of operation, and appointment requirements (if any) by visiting its website or contacting it directly.  The diamond retailer may no longer be in business or its address may be obsolete, and store hours may be irregular, especially near holidays.

Each listing specifies the County in which the diamond retailer is located as well as the database categories that are relevant to the listing.  Links to adjacent State directories are provided at the bottom of each directory page.

Diamonds Retailers in each State and Washington, DC
Alabama (0)
Alaska (0)
Arkansas (1)
Arizona (6)
California (2)
Colorado (3)
Connecticut (4)
Delaware (1)
Florida (16)
Georgia (7)
Hawaii (2)
Idaho (3)
Illinois (20)
Indiana (8)
Iowa (3)
Kansas (7)
Kentucky (1)
Louisiana (5)
Maine (0)
Maryland (4)
Massachusetts (21)
Michigan (7)
Minnesota (12)
Mississippi (2)
Missouri (11)
Montana (2)
Parenthesized values indicate the approximate number of listings in each state.

Nationwide Diamonds Retailers

The following retail enterprises have stores in multiple locations; most of them have stores or retail operations in multiple states.  Many of these large diamond retailers list their store locations on their websites.

Helzberg Diamonds
Located in about 35 states.
  • Diamonds Retail
  • Gemstones Retail
  • Jewelers
  • Clothing and Accessories Retail

Rogers & Hollands Jewelers
Located in about 7 states.
  • Jewelers
  • Clothing and Accessories Retail
  • Diamonds Retail
  • Gemstones Retail

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sixteen diamonds, showing various diamond cuts (large image)
Sixteen diamonds, showing various diamond cuts

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